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Thanks for visiting! This is where you’ll find my professional experience and skills, my interests and abilities. I created this site to showcase the one thing I’m sure of - that there’s no one else like me out there. Browse through all the information I’ve provided here, and contact me directly to learn more.

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Continue to grow as a developer and architect. Continue to learn about the Salesforce platform. Be the strongest leader I can be. Continue leading the way into a better and more productive developer environment for the Salesforce platform.  Add to my architectural knowledge and insight. Always be the strong team example of best practices and code craftsmanship.

I take a great deal of pride in the quality of work I perform or direct, and in the systems we design and produce. I strive every day to produce only the highest quality work, and be the best example for my team and colleagues, that I can be.

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Who I Am

I've spent many years guiding a small company through all of their technology needs. I've developed strategy, evaluated requirements, built teams, selected systems, implemented and customized those systems, custom built them where necessary, and managed them and the teams that build them. I've spent about equal time between off-the-shelf and custom software. I have participated in and managed all aspects of IT/IS at this level. I really enjoy putting together the team and systems puzzle. I've plunged into the cloud paradigm in recent years and gained a great deal of experience with Salesforce and other SaaS platforms as well. I've actually developed quite a passion for Salesforce. I've found it to be a fantastic platform upon which I really enjoy working.

More recently I've been working exclusively as a Salesforce architect and developer and leading a small team of dedicated Salesforce developers. I'm pretty happy with my current position and not actively looking for other opportunities.

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My Career


May 2019 - Present

I recently joined Inspirato and I'm very excited about the future. I see amazing potential and I'm super pumped to be working for such a progressive company. I am building a dynamic team of Salesforce development craftspeople. We take great pride in producing the highest quality system and the best user experiences possible. If you're looking to join a fantastic Salesforce development team that focuses on quality and collaborative development, contact me.


May 2018 - May 2019

I spend my days leading a team of five building solutions in Salesforce and working to improve overall architecture of a good size Salesforce org. We work as one part of a larger development team. I'm very proud of the work we are doing, and I really enjoy both the people I work with, and the challenge of the work. We have completed a number of projects of varying size over the last ~year. We've built some very sophisticated Lightning component UX and we've propelled the org into the beginnings of a more modular, automated, and accessible development environment. Pushing towards SFDX and packaging, has been a challenging but rewarding process. I have gained great experience in that area as well as in Lightning components. I have led the way on these efforts and gained a great deal of experience in the process. I look forward to continuing to grow and lead here.


May 2017 - March 2018

Managed a team of 12.
Managed and customized the company's Salesforce org.
Built several complex Salesforce business processes.
Customized and integrated the Five9 call center management solution with Salesforce.
Integrated the Spinify motivational system with Salesforce.
Implemented a very flexible lead import and handling system.
Implemented and managed multiple cloud business systems including Azure Active Directory, Unifi Network, Office 365, and a Skype for Business VOIP phone system.
Implemented an AWS S3 voice recording storage system.

Headed the company's selection, implementation, and management of all it's IT/IS systems.
I've pieced together a suite of cloud software and services to fill all of the company's needs.


November 2001 - May 2017

Worked closely with, mentored, and helped manage a team of four.
Built a sophisticated Lead import, management, and distribution system based on SQL Server and .net Windows Forms.
Implemented a proposal generation and prospect tracking system based on SQL Server and .net Windows Forms.
Built a duplicate handling system to accompany the lead management system on the same platform.
Implemented and managed a Windows server and network infrastructure over many years.
Migrated from a traditional Windows server architecture to a completely virtual server architecture using Hyper-V.
Implemented a complete enterprise backup and disaster recovery system with cloud storage using AWS Storage Gateway and Veeam.
Built and managed a full Salesforce implementation to partially take the place of those earlier systems and handle most of the company's business processes.
Architected a large custom Salesforce data domain and built Salesforce business processes to manage it.
Integrated Salesforce with back end systems using Salesforce Toolkits for .NET.
Built a great deal of custom Salesforce code including, sophisticated visualforce, triggers, and underlying implementations of Apex Mocks and Apex Enterprise Patterns.
Implemented cutting edge Salesforce CI based on Bitbucket Pipelines before SFDX.
Implemented custom Salesforce interfaces for telemarketing agents to improve performance.
Integrated Conga document generation with Salesforce.
Integrated AWS S3 document storage for Salesforce.

I started at the company building a lead processing and management system. I built it on SQL Server with a .net Windows Forms front end. I then spent some years building the company's IT infrastructure up. I was able to pass that duty off to new blood when additional development needs arose. I then added a proposal generation and prospect tracking system to replace the aging Access databases the company had been using previously. I built this system with another SQL Server base and a .net Windows Forms interface.

In late 2014 the company decided to implement Salesforce to take on the task of automating what had previously been a largely paper based sales and prospect management system. I advised the company in this matter, and served to help convey the needs of the company to a Salesforce recommended implementation partner. I took over most of the implementation from the partner. We went live in May of 2015 and it's in use today. We then continued to customize the system to Omni's unique needs with custom VisualForce and business processes. We implemented Bitbucket Pipelines based CI and were in the process of rewriting much of the underlying code to implement FinancialForce's fflib and ApexMocks when I left the company.


1998 - 2000

Supported 200+ mobile software consultants and helped manage the central network and services that supported them. Helped manage a Microsoft Windows server and client environment, a Microsoft Exchange email system, and a dialup/vpn mobile network, among others.

Created an asp training application and dynamic menu system for training consultants.


1997 - 1998

Worked in a medium volume internal telephone support team supporting 40,000 TCI employees. Solved problems and coordinated interdepartmental efforts to assist users.

Created and utilized an automated vnc installation tool for use within our network. This was on the very earliest version of VNC. I created an automated installation system for remote control software back when it was just getting going. It was a huge benefit for us over just the phone.


1995 - 1997

Network and Windows system administration.

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High level planning and communication of needs and solutions has been a cornerstone of my career. I am skilled at interpreting the needs of the business and turning them into a working set of solutions.



I've been putting together information systems and the infrastructure they run on my entire life. It's been both simplified and complicated by the emergence of the cloud, but I'm an expert there as well.



From SQL and .net to Apex and Javascript, my developer journey has been long and fruitful. I love the way modern patterns, cloud infrastructure, and browsers have enabled the implementation of business processes. It feels easy to get to the meaningful stuff these days.

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Now that I'm no longer a 17 year employee or running Guardian Tax, I've been working on obtaining Salesforce certifications, so that I can prove my proficiency. A few are done and I will continue to pursue more over time.

Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator


March 2018
Credential ID: 18375435



March 2018
Credential ID: 18389117
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Isaac Newton

"Truth is ever to be found in simplicity, and not in the multiplicity and confusion of things."

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